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Cornman Farms Heirloom Harvest Dinner #2

Special Dinner #94

James Beard-nominated Chef Alex Young began a garden 6 years ago now as a way to spend more time with his family and also make really great food.  They way he describes it, there was an added excitement in serving a special to guests which you not only cooked, but also grew, yourself. What began as a plot of heirloom tomatoes has doubled in size each year and now includes livestock including pigs, cattle, chicken and lambs.

Cornman Farms has a passion for full-flavor and taste plays a big part in what plants are chosen to grow.  Varieties are chosen for their complexity of flavor and ability to thrive in Michigan’s climate and then properly cared for by us. Throughout the growing season, vegetables are prepared and served just hours after being picked.

The flagship of the summer harvest and long-time passion of the Roadhouse are the heirloom tomatoes, which star in this dinners’ menu.  The focal point of this dinner is a raw tomato bar, which allows guests to sample each variety of heirloom tomato grown at Cornman Farms in order to compare the flavors and complexities of each one.


Starters & Salads

Heirloom Tomato Bar
Fresh Mozzarella
Tuscan Bread Salad
Zucchini Salad
Grilled Summer Succotash Salad
Wheat Berry Salad


Fresh Grilled Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes
Spring Lamb
Beef Kabobs
Pastured Chicken Sausage
Eggplant & Farro Lasagna with Pink Sauce
Candied Onions


Wheat Rolls


Blueberry Cobbler
Peaches & Bourbon
Green Tomato Pie

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