Special Dinner #243: Pasta Friday on Tuesday

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Special Dinner #243: Pasta Friday on Tuesday

Allison Arevalo in Ann Arbor!

We are excited to welcome back the acclaimed cookbook author and former owner of Homeroom restaurant in California, Allison Arevalo. After being featured on The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, The Travel Channel, and speaking at Zingerman’s 10th Annual Camp Bacon, Allison is bringing her pasta expertise to Ann Arbor!

This very special dinner features a variety of fall pasta recipes from Allison’s stunning compilation, The Pasta Friday Cookbook. The book, which debuts September 17th, was inspired by Allison’s tradition of cooking pasta and salad every Friday for her friends and family. The weekly feast combined all the right ingredients: love, community, and good food!

“The amazing thing about this tradition was that it was so different from a regular dinner party. No one talked about work, phones were tucked away… and because it was a consistent gathering, you really got to know people,” Allison says.

By also combining the right ingredients with the right pastas, each dish on Allison’s menu is expertly prepared to provide the best possible experience. Join us as we explore some of Allison’s favorite stories from The Pasta Friday Cookbook. We will have the book available for purchase so you can have your own “Pasta Fridays” at home!




with Swiss chard, ricotta, and bechamel

with grapes, pine nuts, and aged provolone


Ari’s Chitarra
with mixed seafood and harissa

Avocado Bacon Salad
with salsa verde


with roasted pork and mushrooms

with arugula and roasted squash


Ricotta Zeppole
filled with lemon cream

Date October 22, 2019Time 7:00 pm - 9:00 pmPrice $75