Special Dinner #247: 5th Annual Jelly Bean Jump Up

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Special Dinner #247: 5th Annual Jelly Bean Jump Up

With Alaska’s Shoreline Wild Salmon

Our 5th Annual Jelly Bean Jump Up, benefitting SafeHouse Center, will feature wild Alaskan salmon – one of the jewels of the American culinary crown – from Shoreline Wild Salmon.

We’re thrilled to welcome Marie Rose, Michigan native and co-founder of Shoreline Wild Salmon, and her partners Joe Emerson and Keith Heller to Ann Arbor for the special dinner. Shoreline Wild Salmon works to restore quality to Alaska’s wild fishing, and to provide Michigan with the delicacy that is wild-caught salmon.

Marie has a personal passion for SafeHouse Center’s mission. Marie Rose earned her degree in Social Work from Michigan State, where much of her advocacy work focused on domestic violence awareness. Marie’s background in social work and her experience in the salmon business has taught her the importance of sustainability, connection and individual access to resources.

Join us and the Shoreline crew while they showcase their delicious salmon at the 5th Annual Jelly Bean Jump Up, and help us raise awareness and funds for Ann Arbor’s SafeHouse Center. Joe and Keith will also play live music while we enjoy their salmon—what a rare treat!




Salmon Butter Bruschetta
On Bakehouse sourdough


Salmon Chowder


King Salmon
Over Anson Mills’ Otto File polenta with braised Lacinato kale and basil pesto with Tuscan pine nuts


Coho Salmon
Topped with ‘Nduja butter, served over braised sorghum berries and sautéed spinach


Baked Alaska

Donation Levels

By “Jumping Up” to donate any of the following amounts, you will help the families at SafeHouse in valuable ways.

$100 Jump Start:
Provides 1,000 copies of Safety Plans to support survivors of domestic violence.

$200 Trampoline Jump:
Covers the weekly cost to ensure that children in the shelter get safely to school, have nutritious meals and receive the support services they need.

$500 Bounce House:
Covers the average weekly cost to provide food and kitchen supplies for shelter residents.

$750 Pole Vault:
Covers the cost to provide shelter to a mother and her two children for a week.

$1,000 Rocket Launcher:
Covers the cost to maintain after-hours response services for five days. This includes the 24-hour Help Line and SafeHouse’s continuously available on-call response teams who go to homes and hospitals.

Date March 10, 2020Time 7:00 pm - 9:00 pmPrice $75