Special Event #245 : Hungry for Hungary

This event has passed.

Special Event #245 : Hungry for Hungary

Celebrating food, wine, and friendship.

Zingerman’s is bringing Hungary to Ann Arbor! A collaboration between Zingerman’s Food Tours, the Bakehouse, and the Roadhouse, this unique event will honor our long-time friend, Gábor Bánfalvi.

Gábor has a long history with Zingerman’s. He and his wife Carolyn were the first to teach us about Hungarian food and culture when we began making Hungarian products at the Bakehouse. He’s been co-leading (with Zingerman’s managing partner Kristie Brablec) the Zingerman’s Food Tours to Hungary for seven or eight years now.

It is Gábor’s mission to “make people fall in love with Hungarian food…to educate people, to bring them to Hungary or to bring Hungary to them. And to make a connection that will last a lifetime.”

Gábor and Carolyn recently opened a wine tasting room in Budapest and are importing the best of Hungarian wines into the U.S. We are featuring several alongside Gábor’s favorite Hungarian dishes at this incredible dinner. We are also very excited for a strudel demonstration by Amy Emberling, managing partner at the Bakehouse.

Start your new year with an unforgettable evening at the Roadhouse. Tickets with the 5 exclusive wine pairings are $115, a 10% saving over ordering the wines separately at the dinner. Not a wine drinker? Join us for the 4 course dinner itself at $75!



Hungarian fried bread, a popular street food


Erzsébet Pince Muscat Lunel
Tokaj 2017

First Course

Rétes (Vegetarian)
A strudel with seasonal vegetables


Heumann Pince Kékfrankos Rosé
Villány 2018

Main Course (choice of)

A Hungarian fish stew made with carp, vegetables, and paprika
A Hungarian-Jewish stew with smoked Montreal meat, beans, onions, and paprika


Erzsébet Pince Furmint
Tokaj 2016
Heumann Pince Trinitás Cabernet Franc
Villány 2015



Zingerman’s Bakehouse Krémes
Vanilla bean pastry cream and soft meringue set between layers of flaky, buttery puff pastry
Zingerman’s Bakehouse Flodni
A pastry layered with honey poppyseed, raisin walnut, and cinnamon apple fillings


Szent Benedek Pincészet
Sweet Szamorodni 2013

Date January 21, 2020Time 7:00 pm - 9:00 pmPrice $75 – $115