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Chef Bob Bennett holding a plate of BBQ at the Roadhouse.

 feast for home 

Order with us at 734-663-3663 

Whether you are hosting a party at home, inviting friends over to watch the game, or just need a night off from cooking, the Roadhouse has you covered. Our Feast for Home Menu features your favorites from the Roadhouse in quantities that will accommodate your occasion. For orders meant to feed more than 15 people, 48 hours notice may be required.

Delivery and/or staffing is available. Please give us 72 hour notice for delivery and staffing inquiries. Pricing is dependent on event location and staffing needs. A delivery fee of $50 applies to local deliveries, and $75-$100 for anything outside the Ann Arbor area. Give us a call for more information: 734.663.3663 (FOOD).

  Feast for Home Reheating Instructions


Whole Pit-Smoked Amish Chicken

$19 (serves 2-3)

8 Piece Buttermilk Fried Chicken Box


Roadhouse Niman Ranch Pit-Smoked Ribs

 Includes ½ pint of Red Rage Tomato BBQ Sauce

$44.00/full rack (Serves 2)

Pit-Smoked & Braised ‘til Tender BBQ Beef 

Includes ½ pint of Red Rage Tomato BBQ Sauce

 $25.00/pound (serves 2-3)

14-Hour Pit-Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork 

Includes ½ pint of your choice of BBQ Sauce

$21.00/pound (serves 2-3)

Zingerman’s Roadhouse Signature Sauces  $8.oo/pint

Eastern North Carolina Sauce

Our pit-smoked pork is finished with this cider vinegar based sauce, so it boasts a tangy bite. But there is nothing wrong with adding a little extra of this traditional flavor to add even more oomph to your sandwich!

Red Rage Sauce

Don’t let the name scare you! Many of our friends enjoy the Red Rage with its balance of sweet, spicy and zesty flavors. This red tomato based BBQ sauce is a favorite Memphis tradition.

South Carolina Mustard Sauce

An amazing alternative for anyone who typically enjoys the sweet and spicy flavors of a red sauce, but wants to try something a little different. Made with yellow mustard, this “Carolina Gold” sauce is fantastic on our pulled pork.

Can’t decide? It never hurts to try more than one! They are all fantastic in their own way.

Sides and more!

Roadhouse Macaroni and Cheese

$22.00/quart (serves 3-4)
$80.00/half pan (serves 15-20)
$160.00/full pan (serves 30-40)

Roadhouse Garden Salad 

$30.00/half pan (serves 6-8)

Ancho Beef Chuck Chili

$17.00/quart (serves 2)

Anson Mills Organic Soft White Grits

$10.00/pint (serves 2-3)

Southern Style Bacon-Braised Greens 

 $10.00/pint (serves 2-3)

Roadhouse Mashed Potatoes 

$10.00/pint (serves 2-3)

Home-Style Chicken Gravy 

$10.00/pint (serves 2-3)

Yellow Mustard Coleslaw 

$10.00/pint (serves 3-4)

Ari’s Pimento Cheese

$16.00/pint (serves 2-3)
Add celery or bagel crisps $2.00

Roadhouse Buttermilk Biscuits

Please give us 24 hour notice. Includes local honey & butter


Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bread  

Ask about our daily offerings!

Price varies

Zingerman’s Bakehouse Buns


Zingerman’s Coffee Box – Regular or Decaf

A gallon includes cups, stir sticks, creamers and sweeteners.




Cup, paper plate, plastic silverware, napkin.


Buffet Ware 

Includes chaffing dish, wire rack, Sterno fuel and serving utensils.


Delivery & Staffing 

Looking for delivery and event staff? We’d love to help! Please give us 72 hour notice for delivery and staffing inquiries. Pricing is dependent on event location and staffing needs. Mileage charges in addition to a delivery fee may apply.


Zingerman’s Bakehouse Coffee Cakes

$14.99 Nosher  |  $29.99 Fresser

Zingerman’s Bakehouse Brownies


Zingerman’s Bakehouse Cookies


Ask about our seasonal pastries!

Take Your Favorite Bottle of Wine To-Go!

30% off bottles of wine purchased to-go.

Available to-go only, discount does not apply to bottles opened inside the Roadhouse