Meet the Team

Roadie Spotlight

Meet the smiles that light up the Roadhouse!

Our Roadhouse crew is known for their above-and-beyond commitment to service. They’re so focused on making sure you have an excellent Zingerman’s experience that they’ve earned prestigious James Beard award nominations for Outstanding Hospitality two years in a row. If you’ve dined at the Roadhouse, you’ve met some of these sparkling folks. We’d like to give you the pleasure of getting to know the people that make our all-American spot so special.

Elisabeth Mays-Kimmel

What do you do at the Roadhouse?

I have worked here since January of 2020, as a cleaner in the back of the house. But I am also a prep cook. I help make our world famous mashed potatoes, and the chefs are teaching me how to prep other thing they need on the line. Like, “Hey Beth, can you fire up some grits?”. It’s very exciting to learn all this! I would like to learn more. My job is very self-paced. I try to get all my tasks done first so I can help the dishwashers towards the end of the night, they get so busy!

What is your favorite thing on the Roadhouse menu?

There are so many things! I would say the scallops. I like seafood in general, and scallops are a delicacy to me. They are sweet, but salty, and I Iove the texture. I also love the warm spinach salad with the mushrooms.

What is your favorite Roadshow beverage?

I start my shift with a quad shot of Zingerman’s Coffee espresso. It keeps me going!

What is your favorite food from another Zingerman’s business?

The Bostock from Zingerman’s Bakehouse! I love the sweet almond flavor and the powdered sugar.

If you had to choose, fried chicken or BBQ?

Fried chicken! Sometimes for staff meal they add our Red Rage BBQ sauce to the fried chicken, which is amazing.

Do you have any nicknames?

My dad’s side calls me Beth Ann. Ann is my middle name. My mom’s side calls me Aunt Bethie, which is a nickname I’ve had since I was a little girl.

Favorite music?

Right now I listen to Wu-Tang Clan. In general, I like, rap and old-style classic country. I played lots of different instruments as a kid, like the bassoon, clarinet, vibes, piano, and the marimba. The bassoon was my favorite, it is more unusual, there are more solos you can play with it. I won a scholarship to go to Interlochen Arts Camp. I still like to play the piano.

Where did you grow up?

I was born here in Ann Arbor, then right before I was supposed to attend Pioneer High School, my family moved to Lansing. I lived there for over 25 years, and eventually worked at GM as a pipe fitter/plumber. I also got to work occasionally at the powerhouse at GM, and they let me run the bulldozer. I loved it! So after I retired from GM, I became a heavy equipment operator for about 4 years and moved around for work. Lake Orion, Holly, and then back to Ann Arbor where I can now spend time with my relatives. I’m the oldest granddaughter, and I don’t have kids, so all my relatives ask me for everything.

What are some of your favorite things?

I like working with my hands, so I like working on projects. I have always been that way. I figure however something comes apart, that’s how it goes back together. One of my favorite things to do is to build doll house furniture and doll houses. Ultra modern ones. I have one doll house that was given to me back in high school, and it needs repair from being being moved around. When I am done fixing it, I want to put it in plexiglass and use it as coffee table. I also love gardening, and I will help out Tammie Gilfoyle (of Tamchop Farm) while our Jordanian dog rescues run around and play. (Tammie rescues abused dogs from Jordan and brings them stateside for adoption. Beth is a dog mother to one, Lu Lu.)

What do you like best about working at the Roadhouse?

The person who impresses me the most is Ari. The way that he sets a tone for how everyone else behaves and treats each other. It feels like family to work here. I love the people. No matter how hard we work, we have each others’ backs. Like we help each other even if it’s not our job.

Who are your dream dinner guest(s)?

Kamala Harris, and of course Barack and Michelle. I guess Joe can come, too.