Meet the Team

Roadie Spotlight

Meet the smiles that light up the Roadhouse!

Our Roadhouse crew is known for their above-and-beyond commitment to service. They’re so focused on making sure you have an excellent Zingerman’s experience that they’ve earned prestigious James Beard award nominations for Outstanding Hospitality two years in a row. If you’ve dined at the Roadhouse, you’ve met some of these sparkling folks. We’d like to give you the pleasure of getting to know the people that make our all-American spot so special.

Maria Mendez Lopez

What do you do at the Roadhouse?

I have been a line cook since we opened, then took a break for a couple of years, then came back. I run the breakfast and lunch show!

What is your favorite thing on the Roadhouse menu?

I like the Chicken and Monterey Jack Mac and Cheese, and also our fried chicken.

What is your favorite Roadshow beverage?

A latte, preferably with a flavored syrup. The Roadshow makes one for me every morning.

What is your favorite food from another Zingerman’s business?

Muno’s Montreal Reuben from Zingerman’s Deli, with Wagshal’s smoked brisket, Swiss Emmental cheese, Brinery sauerkraut & Russian dressing on grilled rye bread.

Do you have any nicknames?

They call me Brisket!

If you had to choose, fried chicken or BBQ?


What is your favorite music?

Catholic music.

Where did you grow up?

Mexico. I moved to Houston when I was 17, where I lived for 4 years, then I moved to Ann Arbor. I have family in Houston still, I visit them sometimes.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to walk in the park.

Who was a big influence for you when learning how to cook?

Our former head chef, Alex Young. Also, a former sous chef Kieron Hales, who is now the head chef and managing partner at Cornman Farms.

What do you like about working at the Roadhouse?

We are like a family. Sometimes we might not get along, but that’s what family is. We still love each other. We can talk and show love to each other and everything is fine.

Who is your dream dinner guest?