Chicken and Waffles: A Brunch Secret Special

Chicken and Waffles: A Brunch Secret Special

We’ve got chicken, we’ve got waffles. Together they make something really special.

by Marcy Harris

I looooove chicken and waffles. Every time I find them on a menu when I am out dining, I will order them. There is nothing quite like crispy fried chicken and hot, golden waffles, drizzled with real maple syrup. The flavor combination is comforting, delicious, and just the thing to satisfy any brunch appetite. I’ve enjoyed many different recipes over the years, but none will come close to the chicken and waffles we have here at the Roadhouse.

The secret is out! Tell your friends.

They are not listed on our menu, but our chicken and waffles are one of our favorite secret specials for brunch. And they are perfect for brunch! If you are undecided about whether you would like breakfast or lunch for your meal, you can have the best of both worlds.

We love our fried free-range Amish chicken, with it’s buttermilk batter fried crispy and a touch of Tellicherry pepper from Épices de Cru. Our waffles are also made with buttermilk, creating that perfect melt-in-your mouth texture inside layers of delicate pockets. Pour our real Michigan maple syrup into these pockets, and you will get a balance of round sweetness with a slight peppery kick with each bite.

Top of the waffle to you!

As with many things we offer at the Roadhouse, we like to have options for our chicken and waffles. The beauty of our chicken and waffles is that you can change it up by adding the chicken on top of our Grits n’ Bits waffles for a flavor bonus. With the addition of Anson Mills’ organic grits and bits of smoked bacon, the chicken and waffle experience becomes incredibly complex and amazing. Are you a white meat or dark meat person? We can fry up a breast or two thighs to top off your waffle. Interested in drizzling on something different from maple syrup? Try or Tennessee sorghum syrup, one of Ari’s favorites!

It doesn’t stop there! We can make this dish gluten-free! Add a piece of fried chicken made with rice flour to our rice waffle or rice Grits n’ Bits waffle, and now you have two of our favorite gluten-free options on one plate!

We will have our fryers and waffle irons hot and ready for you this weekend! See you for brunch!

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