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Eating Oysters at the Roadhouse

On the Half Shell

by Ari Weinzweig

Freshly opened and eaten as is, this is still my favorite way to eat oysters. Order two or twenty. I’m happy to share my favorites in the moment next time you’re in. My personal recommendation for your next dozen is to try an all-coastal oyster platter – two each of East Coast, West Coast, Apalachicolas, Westcott Bay Flats (the European oysters raised in American waters), Kumamotos and Olympias.

BBQ’d Oysters
Prepared in the style of Hog Island off the North Coast of California, this is the Roadhouse dish that writer John T. Edge chose as the top pick on his list of ten dishes not to miss in 2006óthereís only two months left in the year soÖ try em soon. Oysters roasted on the wood grill then shucked and finished with a bit of cider vinegar-base barbecue sauce.

Oyster Po’boy for Lunch
Fried oysters on a Bakehouse bun with a bit of homemade remoulade sauce with lettuce and tomato.

Hangtown Fry for Saturday and Sunday Brunch
The old dish of the California Gold Rush days. Pan fried oysters mixed in with lots of bacon and eggs from our Amish friends at Sunrise Poultry in Homer, Indiana.

Oysters Rockefeller
Never on the menu but you can order them if you’re in the know which you now are. Originally invented at Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans in the second half of the 19th century by Antoine Alciatore, who came to the US from Marseilles. The original recipe is still a secret but, of course, as the dish gained fame and spread across the country there are hundreds of different versions. Alex Young (chef and managing partner at the Roadhouse) has been developing his version for about fifteen years I think. Freshly shucked briny East Coast oysters in a made-to-order sauce of white wine, cream, some of the aged stravecchio parmesan from Antigo, Wisconsin, a bit of Nueske’s applewood smoked bacon, a touch of fennel, some minced shallot, fresh minced garlic, fresh spinach, salt and pepper.

Alex’s Oyster Bisque
Exceptionally rich and really really good. Made with Andy Quady’s amazing Vya Dry Vermouth and lots of cream from Calder Dairy.

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