May 19, 2009 | Events

2nd Annual Native American Dinner: Traditions of the Native Peoples of the Michigan Territory

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Special Dinner #80

We’ll explore the history and culinary traditions of the Ojibwe, Potawatomi and Ottawa Indians, known as the Three Fires Confederacy, or Anishinaabe peoples in the Great Lakes Region and learn how those traditions live among the people today. With a menu that highlights the history and foodways of the Great Lakes during the early years of the republic (when the entire region was known as the Michigan Territory) and a talk by our special guests, UM Professors Margaret Noori, Michael Witgen, Howard Kimewon and Phil Deloria, this evening promises to be a lively and full-flavored encounter with the living history of Michigan’s earliest inhabitants

The Menu:

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
Fried Corn Hominy


Traditional Fry Breads


Rabbit Succotash with Puffed Wild Rice


Roasted Duck
Corn Flour Batter Fried Walleye


Wild Rice Stuffed Pumpkin


Maple Sugar Candy
Dried Berries