Dec 23, 2009 | Events

Algerian Jewish Dinner


Special Dinner #87

The Roadhouse will take a deep peek at Algerian Jewish foods. Similar to many other North African cuisines, such as Morocco and Tunisia, Algerian Jewish cuisine is different because it has the added element of being kosher. The foods of Algerian Jews reflect the dishes of the earliest Jewish arrivals beginning in the 4th century CE as well as the arrival of Sephardic Jews beginning in 1492. As with all new populations, individuals brin

g their food traditions, including dietary laws, and meld them with the ingredients and preparations available to them in their new home. Rebecca Wall will join us as a special guest to talk about the unique cuisine of Algerian Jews and how their foodways reflect their experiences.

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Interested in a bit more history? We've posted an interview with Rebecca Wall in our Learn About our Food section. Enjoy!



Borekas of Lamb, Tuna and Potato


Lablabi- Regional Chickpea & Garlic Soup


Carrot Salad


Kousksi bil Ghalmi- Braised Lamb with Ras al Hanout


Chakchouka- A Ragout of Chickpeas and Peppers with a Poached Egg on Steamed Cous Cous


Semolina Honey Cake
Almond Stuffed Cigars