Aug 5, 2010 | Events

Native American Corn and Rice Harvest Dinner

With Special Guest, author Jim Northrup
Special Dinner #96

Jim Northrup, Native American storyteller and author lives on the Fond du Lac reservation in Minnesota.  His writing is imbued with day-to-day reflections of life on the reservations and suffused with humor and political allusion. Jim writes the syndicated column Fond du Lac Follies and his books include Walking the Rez Road and The Rez Road Follies.  In order to give Jim adequate time to share stories, poems and speak about life, we will begin this evening early, and start with a short talk.

Also present will be Margaret Noori and Howard Kimewon, both teachers of Ojibwe at U of M, will speak about traditional Native American life, which means following the seasons, preparing, collecting, storing and preserving the harvest to use across the year.  The menu for this Native American dinner, crafted by James Beard-nominated Chef Alex Young will explore two harvests that possess cultural significance for the Native American tradition, rice and corn.



Smoked Duck & Blueberries


Mandaamin (Howard Kimewon’s Corn) & Bacon


Grilled Venison


Grilled Perch


Manoomin (Jim Northrup’s Hand-Picked Rice)

Roasted Sweet Squash


Corn & Maple Pudding