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6th Annual African American Foodways Dinner

African American History on a Plate: A Culinary Journey from Africa to America

The Roadhouse welcomes pre-eminent food historian and cookbook author Jessica B. Harris from New York City as our special guest for this annual celebration of traditional American foodways. In her new book, High on the Hog (reviewed by the New York Times on 01/09/11), Harris tell the engaging history of African American cuisine and takes the reader on a harrowing journey from Africa across the Atlantic to America, tracking the trials that the people and the food have undergone along the way. Although the story of African cuisine in America begins with slavery, High on the Hog ultimately chronicles a thrilling history of triumph and survival. James Beard-nominated chef Alex Young will prepare a meal that brings that history alive while Jessica delivers the story of the food and the people who brought it here.

Check out Prosperity Starts With a Pea by Jessica B. Harris, published December 29th, 2010 in the New York Times for a small taste of what you are in store for.

“In High on the Hog, the inimitable Jessica Harris tells the story of the African-American diaspora from the perspective of an accomplished food historian. This is a gripping saga laced with descriptions of food that will make your mouth water.”
—Marion Nestle, NYU professor and author of Food Politics and What to Eat

“Anyone interested in food history will find plenty to savor in Jessica B. Harris’s latest book.”

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African American Dinner 2010

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