Dec 18, 2012 | Events, Learn 'Bout Our Food

Zingerman’s Roadhouse 8th Annual Jewish Dinner: Celebrating Jewish Iraqi Cuisine

In the mid 1900’s a large majority of Iraq’s Jewish population faced persecution and were forced to leave their homeland. Many sought refuge in Israel, where the traditions of Iraqi-Jewish foods are their only remaining legacy and ties to their former country. Recipes are passed down through generations to help preserve their heritage and to continue their rich traditions.

One such recipe is kubbeh, a meat dumpling popular to the Iraqi Jewish community. Made from lamb, beef, chicken or fish, these dumplings are served in a sour, tangy soup called hamousta, which can be made from okra, eggplant, squash, zucchini, garlic or beets. Chef Alex will make a Roadhouse version of kubbeh along with many other traditional foods, doing our part to preserve the rich tradition of the Iraqi Jewish cuisine.