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Westside Farmers’ Market Fundraiser Dinner

The Westside Farmers’ Market is proudly bringing more farm fresh food to Ann Arbor’s Westside. The number of vendors, demos, outreach, and events has grown in a big way over the past three years. The Roadhouse wants to support this community event transition from a volunteer run project into a sustainable community platform.

James Beard award-winning Chef Alex Young and vendors from the Westside Farmers’ Market have created a menu full of fall’s bounty and invite you to celebrate the harvest with them at the peak of the season with a fresh fundraising dinner.

Proceeds from the dinner will benefit the Westside Farmers’ Market.

Small Plates Menu

Carmelized Nemeth Greenhouse & Farm Peaches with Zingerman’s Creamery Goat Cheese Cream

Hand Sown Farm’s Soffrito with a Harnois Farms Poached Egg

Rhulig’s Champagne Melon Soup

Corridor Sausage with Xiong’s Baby Choy and The Brinery’s Kimchi Vinaigrette

Miller’s Country Acres Tomatoes with Smoked Sea Salt

Ernst Farm’s Parched Corn & Pork Cush with Roasted Vegetable Napoleon from The Blue Egg Farm,
Senna Prairie Farm and Dragonwood Farm served wth Pregitzer’s Peppers & Balsamico Sweet Corn

Mindo’s Ecuadorian Chocolate Souffle with Seedling’s Berries

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