Sep 16, 2013 | Events

Virtue Cider Dinner

Fresh, ripe, heirloom apples, pressed into fragrant juices. A special blend of yeasts, adding layers of complexity. Barrel aging leads to subtle notes of wood and tannin. Virtue Ciders are all of these flavors in perfect harmony.

A Michigan-based company, Virtue Cider located in Fennville on the west side of the start that uses expertise in modern craft fermentation and aging techniques to produce ciders that embody old world farmhouse styles. Led by founder brew master Gregory Hall, Virtue Cider shares the Roadhouse’s passion for local farming and partners with local family farms to find the highest quality heirloom apples for their cider. Gregory will join us for the dinner, sharing his personal history, the history of cider and what makes cider many people’s drink of choice. Chef Alex will create a local farmed menu to pair with Virtue Cider’s different cider offerings, a beauitful meal on what will hopefully be a perfect fall evening.