Nov 20, 2017 | Sensational Sippin'

Limeade: The Roadhouse has a New Squeeze

A refreshing homage to an Ann Arbor favorite!

By Marcy Harris

There’s nothing quite like freshly squeezed juice, and over the years the Roadhouse has mastered the art. Orange, grapefruit, lemon.. we’ve got you covered as far as tropical fruit goes.

So why stop there? The Roadhouse has taken things up a full flavor notch by now offering limeade! And it’s fantastic. Just the perfect amount of sugar and tang. Once you’ve made up your mind to have a glass, honestly nothing else will do. For me, it’s like being whisked away to a tropical beach for vacation instead of going to the lake. Every glass is full of sunshine, a prism of sweet refreshment. There’s something that’s just so homey and satisfying about anything freshly squeezed. It’s simple, and it’s good.

Drake’s in Ann Arbor. Courtesy of (Ann Arbor District Library)

Sip into a fond memory.

For Ari Weinzweig, it’s not only about the taste, it’s about the nostalgia. The drink was a popular offering at Drake’s, a sandwich shop that opened in Ann Arbor in the 1920s, and closed in 1993. The restaurant was a classic, with lime-green booths and a vintage candy and soda look. Just like the Roadhouse, it was a great place just to hang out – a home away from home. The menu was simple and yummy, and everyone loved their limeade.

So we brought it back, as a tribute to an Ann Arbor legend and a way for all of our friends at the Roadhouse to be able to taste local history. We make it just like Drake’s did, by squeezing the limes, add just the perfect amount of water and sugar, then garnishing each glass with a bit of the lime rind. And then we took it up even another notch – by adding it to our swordfish.

A perfect marry-nating of flavors.

One of our sous chefs created an amazing dish by marinating fresh New England swordfish steaks in our limeade. He grills the steaks over oak, then tops them with an amazing avocado salad. The swordfish soaks up the limeade perfectly, and every bite is delicious. What started as a special is now a regular feature on our menu.

There’s no rush, our limeade is not going anywhere. Stop by anytime. If you’re feeling like trying it with a bit of a twist, we’ll add Rhum Barbancourt for you. Just ask!