Dec 4, 2017 | Really Great Ingredients

The Roadhouse is Sweet on Sorghum Molasses

And our sorghum molasses is sweet on waffles.

By Marcy Harris

Sugary, sticky, and delicious. That’s how we like our sorghum molasses at the Roadhouse. We also like it on ice cream, biscuits, and even waffles. Made from grain sorghum, the texture is like honey that melts on your tongue. The caramelly, burnt sugar flavor slowly expands on the palate, providing a lingering flavor that you can cozy up to like a good nap after breakfast.

Is it sorghum or molasses?

Sorghum molasses is not to be confused with regular molasses, a by-product of sugar cane. Rather, it is made from a sorghum cane, which happens to look a lot like corn, but without the ears. The plant produces a cluster of seeds, which are harvested when brown then milled to collect the juice. Similar to maple syrup, the juice is boiled and evaporated.

The sorghum we are currently using at the Roadhouse comes from an Old Order Amish family in Kentucky, the Yoders. The family actually uses mules to plow their land and mill their sorghum, no machines. They also refrain from using technology, so Zingerman’s places orders through a friend who hands it to the family at their farm. As a result, our jars of this gooey goodness are few and far between, so we like to make sure we use it for something really special.

Move over maple syrup…

This weekend, Head Chef Bob Bennett has gone above and beyond for a brunch creation that will highlight this rare treat. The Kentucky Waffle will feature the very best of the Bluegrass State. We have added Newsom’s Country Ham to our Grits n’ Bits waffle batter, along with cheese curds made with Kenny’s Farmhouse cheddar cheese. We then top it off with more Newsom’s ham and Yoder’s sweet, sweet sorghum molasses.

The complexity of flavor is through the Roadhouse roof: Salty, smoky and sweet, with pockets of melty cheese and forkfuls of tender ham. But the sorghum is key. The thick syrup pools in each square of the waffle and drips into the ham, making each bite candied perfection. It will be on the brunch menu this weekend at the Roadhouse. I’ve made my reservation, have you?

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