Jan 4, 2018 | Ari's Favorites

Mac and Eggs at the Roadhouse for Breakfast

Great way to get your day going

By Ari Weinzweig

If you like the macaroni and cheese at the Roadhouse—and clearly a lot of you do since we sell a ton of it—you might try starting your day with it.

It’s the same Martelli macaroni we use for the regular Roadhouse mac. To quote Corby Kummer writing in The Atlantic, “You should buy or order Martelli at least once if only to have a standard against which to judge other dried pasta.”

We take that very terrific macaroni and toss it with diced up applewood smoked bacon from Nueske’s in northern Wisconsin, and top it all with a couple fried eggs. I like to grind on lots of the Tellicherry #10 black pepper that’s in the grinders on all the Roadhouse tables. Great, great way to start your day!

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