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Lemon Cloud Gelato Sandwiches at the Roadhouse

A delicious new dessert to welcome in the warmer weather

by Ari Weinzweig

A Lemon Cloud gelato sandwich with a side of lemon whipped cream.

You might want to check out this delicious new dessert at the Roadhouse. It’s a Zingerman’s trifecta—light and delicious sweet Lemon Cloud pastries from the Bakehouse and fantastic vanilla gelato from the Creamery assembled to order at the Roadhouse. The results? They rock—thin, sugar-coated, soft crust of the Lemon Cloud and aromatically amazing gelato served with lemon-scented, fresh whipped cream.

Lemon Clouds are one of the most delicious, little-known gems to be found at the Bakehouse (If you want to make them yourself at home, pick up a copy of the great Zingerman’s Bakehouse book.). The all-butter pastry is puffy and light—like one of those lovely, white clouds floating across the Michigan sky on a nice summer day—and they’re filled with delicious, house-made lemon curd.

(By the way, if you haven’t visited the newly renovated Bakehouse, stop by soon! It looks great, and you can buy your own stash of lemon curd from the cold case. We also have loads of beautiful seating next to the shop. One regular said to me the other day, “You’ve made it so we can just stay there all day. We get coffee and pastry to start the day. There’s salad and soup and sandwiches at the Bakehouse. Grilled cheese and Raclette at the Creamery. Toast at the Coffee Company. All we need now is a gym to work off the calories.”)

The best way to eat a Lemon Cloud Gelato Sandwich is to simply pick it up with both hands and take a nice bite. It’s like eating a pita or falafel, but in this case it’s sweet. Kudos to Ms. Monica Nedeltchev for making it happen. It’s a delicious way to sweeten up your day!

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