May 25, 2018 | Ari's Favorites

Pimento Cheese Burger on a Biscuit

Happy Hour Happiness –
Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 PM

by Ari WeinzweigA pimento cheeseburger slider on a biscuit.

Well, last week I was going on about pimento cheese on toast at the Coffee Company. This week, I keep thinking about the happy hour pimento cheese burger on a biscuit at the Roadhouse. Why? Because it’s totally delicious! Small but significant, it’s ideal early evening eating experience. To begin with, those buttermilk biscuits are so darned good. The Roadhouse crew are making thousands of them a week and the numbers are growing. The bulk of them, of course, go out at breakfast, but more and more I see them heading to tables in the evening as an appetizer or as part of the happy hour dishes. This mini-burger is made from freshly ground, pasture-raised beef, then grilled over oak, and topped with some of that really amazing pimento cheese that we sell an enormous amount of every week (and ship all over the country!)

The delicate butteriness of the biscuit, the savory meatiness of the burger, and the creamy, rich, gently spicy, pimento cheese. Only $7 during happy hour!

And what to drink while you’re getting happy and enjoying your burger? Here’s two picks from Kim Green, head bartender at the Roadhouse:

  • The “People’s Utility Beverage Lager” or P.U.B. Lager is made exclusively for us by Wolverine State Brewing Company! Enjoy caramel, toffee, nutty malt flavors associated with the style of a Mild Ale but with a brighter hop finish. This beer goes great with any of our dishes but whats better than an ice cold beer and a burger?
  • Ransom Cabernet Franc 2014: Aromas of tart fruit and red licorice. Flavors of cranberry, currant, and pink peppercorn lead into a bright tartness and full finish. Stands up to the smokiness of the burger and plays well with the creaminess of the Pimento Cheese and loves the butteriness of the biscuits!

Check out our very happy Happy Hour Menu!