Jun 7, 2018 | American Wines

A Honeyed Legacy for Honig Wines

by Felipe Diaz

Bottles of Honig Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon on the Roadhouse patio.

Louis Honig purchased the sixty eight acres that would become the Honig winery in 1964. A San Francisco advertising executive, he found a parcel already planted with Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. He looked forward to a place where he and his family could enjoy time away from the city, and eventually make wine as well.  In the meantime, he was happy to sell the grapes to local vintners.

Unfortunately, Louis passed in 1981, and never saw any wine made by the family. As a tribute to his memory, Louis’ family took that year’s harvest and made wine, some of which they entered into the Orange County Fair in southern California. After winning a gold medal at the fair, the Honig family realized they might have something special on their hands.

Louis’s grandson, Michael, dropped out of college to focus on developing the vineyard, and has made it a model of sustainable viticulture in the heart of Napa Valley.  Honig practices sustainable agriculture by applying several biodynamic practices, including using sniffer dogs to find harmful bugs amongst the vines. Fittingly, they also maintain several bee hives across their property (“honig” is German for “honey”).

The Sauvignon Blanc is a bright, lively wine which bursts with aromas of orange and lemon, and hints of white flowers. Its flavors are clean and balanced, with grapefruit standing out, followed by lingering mineral notes. Pair this wine with our Kale and Pinenut salad, the Grilled Carolina Grits, or sautéed scallops.

The Cabernet Sauvignon shows more nuance and grace than many bigger Napa Valley cabernets.  The bouquet gives touches of fruits like cherry and blackberry. The palate is soft and smooth, with flavors of plum and dark cherry standing out.  Enjoy a glass with friends while tucking into a half-rack of ribs, grilled salmon, a classic New York strip, or even our Burnt Ends Mac and Cheese. Whether you are looking for a light summer meal, or a hearty dinner, the legacy of Louis Honig has the wine to turn your quick visit into a celebratory night out.

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