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How to Order Artisan Cheese Flights at the Roadhouse

Sometimes all you need is a really good cheese board. And some wine.

by Marcy Harris

A wedge of blue cheese on a wooden board with balsamic-roasted grapes at Zingerman's Roadhouse.

Do you ever have one of those evenings when you don’t want a big dinner? Maybe just a nice plate of assorted cheeses and a glass of wine? At the Roadhouse you can certainly create a delicious spread from our artisan cheese list, and we offer many options to customize your order. After all, eating cheese is about the whole experience, is it not?

About the Roadhouse cheese list.

Cheese flights don’t have to be limited to the appetizer or dessert course. By the time you’ve gathered all your cheeses and rounded them out with assorted garnishes, they can hardly be considered small plates anymore. Especially with all of the options for cheese on our list! If you look at the back of our dessert menu, you will find that we have quite a few that we price by the ounce.

We love them all! From the Kenny’s Farmhouse Kentucky cheeses to our 7 -year aged cheddar from Hook’s in Wisconsin, the creameries represented on our list are carefully sourced for the best regional flavors and sustainable practices by which they are produced. Vermont? California? No matter where it is in the United States, if it’s good cheese, we will find it and bring it to Ann Arbor.

What about cheese made at a local Michigan creamery? Even better. Our selection of Zingerman’s Creamery goat’s and cow’s milk cheese alone is worth a trip to the Roadhouse. They use fresh milk and old-world techniques to draw full, complex flavors put of their cheese. You can taste it in their fresh cheeses, like the delicate flaky City Goat, and also in their more deeply aged cheeses. Ever try the award-winning Manchester? With a fudge-like texture, this one boasts creamy, fruity flavors that mellow out into an earthiness when aged for a few weeks. It is hands down the best cheese on our list to eat with our balsamic-roasted grapes.

How to order a cheese board at the Roadhouse.

It’s as simple as picking up the cheese list and checking off the cheeses you want by the ounce, then telling your server. Our cheese boards will automatically come out with balsamic-roasted grapes and toasted bagel chips. But there are other ways to enjoy our cheese.

The beauty of ordering a cheese plate at Zingerman’s Roadhouse is that we have everything you need right here to load it up with your favorites. Crusty Zingerman’s Bakehouse bread, freshly farmed local fruit, slices of Newsom’s country ham, housemade pickles, local honey, artisanal mustard, —what more could you ask for? Wine? We have a full list of wines by the glass or the bottle that will pair well with your cheese selections. Just let us know what will make your flight everything you’ve been dreaming of, and we will make it happen.

How to order cheese (and wine) to-go at the Roadhouse.

So there are a couple of ways you could go about this. You could snag your friends and come in for a cheese and wine night at the Roadhouse. Tuesdays nights we offer 30% off all bottles of wine, so it could become your favorite Tuesday night tradition! But there is also something to be said about curling up a home in front of your favorite TV show or a good book with your cheese spread. So we are going to let you on on a lil’ secret:

If you order any of our cheeses to-go by the pound, it is cheaper than ordering a cheese board. Whether you order quarter pound, a half pound, or a full pound, we charge retail prices for any cheese on our list to take home. So all you need to do is call us at 734-663-3663(FOOD) to order your cheeses, pull up to the Roadshow, snag a loaf of bread to go with your cheese, and we will have it all waiting for you. It’s that easy! And our bottles of wine are 30% off to-go every day, so we can have your favorite bottle from our list ready for you, too!

So what are you waiting for? Make it a cheese and wine kind of night, you deserve it!