Oct 10, 2019 | History of the Roadhouse

What is Zingerman’s Roadshow?

Zingerman's Roadshow, an antique Spartan trailer that serves to go food at Zingerman's Roadhouse.

The magical drive-up at the Roadhouse.

by Marcy Harris

Zingerman's Roadshow, an antique Spartan trailer that serves to go food at Zingerman's Roadhouse.

The Teapot. The Trailer. The thing attached to the Roadhouse attracting a long line of cars. It’s been referred to as so many different things, and there is a cloud of mystery surrounding the shiny silver vehicle sitting on the north side of the Roadhouse near Maple Road. When I say cloud, I do not mean the smoke coming from the pit around the corner. That’s a conversation for another day.

So what is it? It’s Zingerman’s Roadshow! And it is not just any other roadside attraction. It serves really good food and really good coffee — to go!! All you have to do us drive on up to the window and we will have your order ready for you! So how did the Roadshow come about?

Get your Bakehouse goods here.

Originally purchased and operated by Zingerman’s Bakehouse in 2004, the vintage Spartan trailer was parked across the lot closer to Maple Road with the purpose of serving Zingerman’s Bakehouse pastries and breads. To this day, you can still drive or walk on up to order your favorite bread of the month or a bag of brownies. In 2007, the Roadshow was connected to the restaurant itself, and you can actually now stop by from the inside of the Roadhouse to place orders and say hello to the Roadies working in the trailer.

Did you say coffee?

It might look small, but the Roadshow is full of wonderful people and things! All of our sensational coffee drinks come from a full barista located within the trailer, which services the entire restaurant as well as our guests picking up coffee on the way to their next destination. We brew Roadhouse Joe, Detroit St. Decaf, and the monthly Roaster’s Pick from Zingerman’s Coffee Company every day, and make a variety of espresso drinks to order. Assorted hot Rishi teas are available, along with sodas, juices, and unique drinks like our Rhode Island Coffee Milk. Did you run out of coffee at home? Grab a bag of coffee beans from the Roadshow, and we will grind them for you! 

Really good food to-go.

What else is in our magical trailer? Really good food of course! The Roadshow opens early so you can drive through for breakfast treats, and stays open until the Roadhouse closes so that you can pick up dinner. The Roadshow offers their own little menu, featuring delicious sandwiches, quick breakfasts and lunches, and the best breakfast burritos you will find anywhere in Ann Arbor.

You can also order anything you want from our full Roadhouse menu to-go. Just give us a call at 734.663.3663(FOOD) to order! All you have to do is drive on up to the window to grab it, we will have it ready for you! Did we mention that we loooooooove dogs? Bring your pooch with you for a bit of bacon and all the smooches from our Roadshow team!

Check out the Roadshow menu!