Dec 24, 2019 | Zecrets Revealed

5 Zingerman’s Little-Known “Zecrets” to Share

Tell all your friends!

by Ari Weinzweig

A happy bride and groom getting married at Cornman Farms.
  1. Deli Art Posters are for sale: Do you appreciate the amazing hand-done posters that decorate the Deli? Know someone who moved away from Ann Arbor but might love to feel re-connected to the community? Check out all these incredible pieces of art that are up for sale. Each is original and there’s only one of each. Shipping and local pick up available!
  2. We do Food Tours! Our newest, and hence least known, business takes small groups of food-focused folks to visit craft food producers, winemakers, and restaurants in cool places like Croatia, Budapest, Italy, France, Spain, and more. Want to give a mind-blowing gift to your loved one? Here you go! 
  3. The Roadhouse sells bottled wine and beer to go! It’s true. Not only can you get great American wine or beer with your meal, you can also buy a (sealed) bottle to take out. Maybe even better still, you can drive up and buy it from the Roadshow without ever having to get out of your car.
  4. Miss Kim books private parties on Mondays: That’s right—if you want to host a post-holiday party, if you want to hold a group meeting, meal, family reunion, or get married on a Monday (when the restaurant isn’t open for regular business) Miss Kim can help you make that happen. As of 2020 there’s only one Monday in every week so don’t wait too long!
  5. Tiny Weddings at Cornman Farms: Want to get married in an intimate, far less stressful context, at a compellingly beautiful place? This is your shot. Tiny Weddings are the new micro-wedding experience at Cornman Farms that are beautifully designed, expertly planned and affordably priced. They only occur four times per year, and there are still a few spots available for Winter 2020.