Grits & Bits Waffles at the Roadhouse

Grits and Bits Waffles at the Roadhouse

A classic and compelling way to bring beauty to breakfast.

by Ari Weinzweig

This old Georgia recipe has long been one of the most popular brunch menu items at the Roadhouse. The backstory is that the Dutch likely brought waffle irons with them to the Americas. As they moved south along the East Coast from Manhattan they began to blend the local leftover grits from the evening into their waffles to make breakfast the next morning. Turns out that there’s a long-standing tradition of handheld waffle irons—they were held over the open hearth for the batter to cook. In fact, most of the bigger plantations or well-off homes had custom designed irons into which their family crest was forged, giving the waffles a bit of a personalized touch when they went to the table.

Why our Grits & Bits Waffles are so good.

Here at Zingerman’s, because we use those amazing Anson Mills grits, the corn flavor comes through in a meaningful, if still subtle, way. Probably, I should say, in much the same way great heirloom corns would have been in the field and mills of the early Dutch colonists. We also, I’ll mention, make a really good gluten-free, rice flour waffle. Because it’s made with organic Carolina Gold rice flour from Anson Mills, it’s especially flavorful. In either waffle, the grits add both flavor and texture to the batter. Add in some of the smoky sweetness of a good bit of chopped Nueske’s Applewood smoked bacon and sprinkle on some grated Vermont cheddar, and you’ve got something really special.

We have customers who come in for these each and every Sunday! It’s easy to see why. By bringing together the flavors of the wheat, corn (in the form of the grits), bacon, and maple syrup you really get a great, unique way to start the day. You can come in to eat (we now have UVC units in all three dining rooms) or get them to go! A terrific taste of the past to power you through your morning!

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