Chocolate Cheesecake from the Bakehouse

Treat yourself or your loved ones!

by Ari Weinzweig

Bakehouse’s Chocolate Cheesecake may well have some of our most loyal promoters. It only comes around a couple times a year, but when it does, its longtime fans rejoice!

Like all of the amazing Bakehouse cheesecakes, this one begins with fresh, hand-ladled farm cheese from the Creamery. In this case, we add a whole bunch of dark chocolate, then bake it on a crust made of Black Magic Brownies! The result is … rather magical. Light and fluffy, rich and regal, yet down-to-earth enough that you can just have it for dessert on a cold Tuesday evening. You can eat and enjoy the Chocolate Cheesecake just as it is, or take it up a notch with any number of tasty additions. If you like the combination of salt and chocolate, sprinkle it with a touch of Fleur de Sel. I’ve topped it, happily, with chopped toasted Piemontese hazelnuts or those ridiculously good Livermore Red Walnuts we have at the Deli. If you like fruit with your chocolate, spoon on some American Spoon Early Glow Strawberry preserves, or their amazing Michigan Apricot. Great, too, with your favorite homemade whipped cream (flavored with bourbon or cognac). If you like orange and chocolate, add some orange marmalade!

However you eat it, the Chocolate Cheesecake will be at its creamy best when you serve it at room temperature. Swing by the Bakehouse, Deli, Roadhouse, or and score some now! If you’re thinking ahead, it freezes well, so stock up!