Nov 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

Fried Egg ’n’ ’Nduja Sandwiches for Breakfast

the spicy corollary of a Calabrian
“bacon and egg sandwich”

By Ari Weinzweig

I rarely eat a meal in the morning, but the fried egg and ‘nduja breakfast sandwiches at the Roadhouse are so good that I almost ate two the other day! If you like a bit of heat and you’re inclined towards a spicy version of a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast, these are for you. Everyone who has tried them has been super enthusiastic!

About ‘Nduja sausage.

’Nduja is the amazing spicy spreadable salami that’s typical of the Southern Italian region of Calabria. Ours is made by Tony Fiasche—he lives in Chicago, but his grandparents are still in Calabria and his grandfather taught him how to make it. He uses heritage pork and the ’Nduja he makes is beyond marvelous. Addictively excellent. You can add it to sauces or pasta dishes with ease or come by the Roadhouse where the kitchen crew also uses it with the marvelous Prince Edward Island mussels. 

About the sandwich!

In this new Roadhouse breakfast sandwich, the ’Nduja is spread generously onto a toasted Bakehouse brioche bun, topped with an over-easy egg, a good amount of freshly ground farm-to-table Tellicherry black pepper we use so much of at the Roadhouse, and a sprinkle of sea salt. The ’Nduja melts just a small bit into the warm bread, which makes the flavor and character of this great breakfast sandwich even more marvelous. Order it up on its own, or with a side of breakfast potatoes. You can get one through the Roadshow—the 1952 vintage Spartan aircraft aluminum trailer drive-through out front of the restaurant—too. Simple, delicious, and well-worth getting out of the house in the morning to grab a Fried Egg ’n’ ’Nduja sandwich soon!