Meet the Team

Roadie Spotlight

Meet the smiles that light up the Roadhouse!

Our Roadhouse crew is known for their above-and-beyond commitment to service. They’re so focused on making sure you have an excellent Zingerman’s experience that they’ve earned prestigious James Beard award nominations for Outstanding Hospitality two years in a row. If you’ve dined at the Roadhouse, you’ve met some of these sparkling folks. We’d like to give you the pleasure of getting to know the people that make our all-American spot so special.

Celia Miner

What do you do at the Roadhouse?

I work in the Roadshow trailer helping our to-go customers.

What is your favorite Roadshow beverage?

Right now it is a caramel and vanilla latte. I also love pumpkin, so I think I will also love the Pumpkin Spice Latte at the Roadshow when we start making it for the season.

What is your favorite thing on the Roadshow menu?

I love the avocado toast! I like to add a little bit of lemon, salt, and pepper to the avocado to make it more like a guacamole. It’s so good!

What is your favorite food from another Zingerman’s business?

The Cranberry Orange muffin from Zingerman’s Bakehouse. I could eat one every morning!

If you had to choose, fried chicken or BBQ?

Definitely the fried chicken. I love our fried chicken.

Do you have any nicknames?


Favorite music?

I love Bachata. It is a slower, more romantic style of Latin music.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Guatemala, and I have lived in Ypsilanti for the last 15 years. My family— my mom, my daughter, and my brother—all live in Guatemala, and I have been trying to get them to live here for a long time. I was getting close, but because of COVID-19 I had to stop. I hope to be able to get them here soon, because my daughter will turn 18 and it will be that much harder. I miss them. We video chat as much as we can. My mom is sweet like me, and my daughter is sassy like me!

What are some of your favorite things?

I love to dance! I watch all the dancing shows, like Dancing with the Stars. I also love to cook. My favorite is to make Parrillada, which is a Guatemalan style of grilling over charcoal. We grill steak, and you can serve it with pico de gallo or chimichurri. I also love to make pasta salad! Another one of my favorites is Hawaiian pizza, but with bacon instead of ham.

What do you like about working at the Roadhouse?

At the Roadhouse, there is always something new to learn. There is always something new and different! Also, The teamwork. You can’t have a good restaurant without a good team.

Who are your dream dinner guests?

My mother and my daughter. With me.