Meet the Team

Roadie Spotlight

Meet the smiles that light up the Roadhouse!

Our Roadhouse crew is known for their above-and-beyond commitment to service. They’re so focused on making sure you have an excellent Zingerman’s experience that they’ve earned prestigious James Beard award nominations for Outstanding Hospitality two years in a row. If you’ve dined at the Roadhouse, you’ve met some of these sparkling folks. We’d like to give you the pleasure of getting to know the people that make our all-American spot so special.

Taralyn Brinks

What do you do at the Roadhouse?

I have been at the Roadhouse for over 5 years. During the pandemic I was helping out with all of our to-go orders, but I am actually a lead server. Today I going back to serving guests in the dining room.

What is your favorite thing on the Roadhouse menu?

The Coho salmon from Shoreline Wild Salmon in Alaska. I also love our Potlikker Fish Stew!

What is your favorite Roadshow beverage?

The hazelnut oat milk latte. I love that we make our flavored syrups in house.

What is your favorite food from another Zingerman’s business?

The #2 from Zingerman’s Deli (the Corned Beef Reuben), with a side of the Swiss potato salad.

If you had to choose, fried chicken or BBQ?

Our BBQ. I love all the smokey flavors!

Do you have any nicknames?

I respond to about 20 different nicknames! Just to name a few: T-Lyn, T-Money, and Taralyzer.

Favorite music?

I like Alt-Rock as a genre. Also, anything with piano, like Ben Folds and Billy Joel. I love musicals and anything I can sing. I was in a show choir in high school, and someday I would love to write a musical about the Roadhouse.

Where did you grow up?

In Saline. I also lived just south of Atlanta for a few years, where I worked as a nanny for my cousins. I loved it there, but it was too hot.

What are some of your favorite things?

For everyday hobbies, I like crafting (Taralyn woodburned the beautiful Roadhouse Park sign!), reading, and taking care of my houseplants. I watch YouTube videos about houseplants. I love to travel. I’m planning an Alaskan cruise for my birthday in a couple years.

What do you like best about working at the Roadhouse?

The abundance of appreciation we give each other. The fact that everyone can be involved in decision making processes.

Who are your dream dinner guest(s)?

The whole of my immediate family. I would be super happy if we could all be together. I have four siblings spread across the country, and I have a four year old niece and a nephew on the way. It would be great to be able to see them!