May 27, 2009 | Events

Cornman Farms Heirloom Harvest #3

tomatoes_basket$45 / dinner
Special Dinner #79

James Beard-nominated Chef Alex Young began a garden 5 years ago as a way to spend more time with his family and also make really great food. They way he describes it, there was an added excitement in serving a food to guests which you not only cooked, but also grew, yourself. Today, Chef Alex’s Garden is a full-fledged farm, growing over 130 varieties of more than 27 types of vegetables. What began as a plot of heirloom tomatoes has doubled in size each year and now includes livestock such as pigs and cattle.

Cornman Farms has a passion for full-flavor and taste plays a big part in what plants are chosen to grow. Varieties are chosen for their complexity of flavor and ability to thrive in Michigan’s climate and then nurtured in a way that embraces the concept of organic.
Throughout the growing season, vegetables are prepared and served just hours after being picked.

The late summer season brings us favorites like late harvest Provenzano, German Red Strawberry and Aunt Ruby’s German Green tomatoes; Italian roasting peppers like Lipstick and Italia; other peppers such as Hungarian hot wax and Hinklehatz; Bintje and German Butterball potatoes; yellow, orange and purple heirloom carrots and lots of spinach, arugula, Cherokee red lettuce and radishes will make a comeback. As days grow shorter, our menu will reflect gleanings from the autumnal field.

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German Red Strawberry & Aunt Ruby’s Green Tomatoes

Feta & Mint Stuffed Italia Peppers

Tomato, Bread & Roasted A2 DiFranco Garlic


Bloomsdale Spinach & Cherokee Red Salad

French Breakfast Radishes


Dry Aged Grilled Angus Steaks Grilled

Wild Striped Bass Stuffed Padron Delicata Squash

Lamb Stuffed Hungarian Hot Peppers

Albacore Tuna Stuffed Provenzano Tomatoes


Green Mountain Potatoes Anna

Roasted Tri-Color Carrots

Twice-Baked Burbank Russet Potatoes

Braised King Richard Leeks


Sweet Potato Pie

(There may be last-minute change to the menu the day-of the dinner)