Oct 30, 2017 | Ari's Favorites

Limeade at the Roadhouse

An Ann Arbor Classic Makes a Comeback

By Ari Weinzweig

I’ve been working to make this happen for, I don’t know, maybe five years? And now it’s here and I’m extremely excited! Why? A) because it tastes so great. And B) because limeade is a strong Ann Arbor tradition, one that I remember from my student years here on campus.

If you were in town sometime before the early ‘90s, then you probably remember Drake’s. It was on North University, just east of State St. It was an Ann Arbor mainstay for sixty-some years, and so was their limeade—one of the things that you went to Drake’s especially to enjoy. Limeade was something special. You could go a long way and not see it again. In fact, I did go decades and haven’t seen it since, which is why I’m now over the moon, past the sun, and into the stars excited that at the Roadhouse, where we specialize in regional American food, we’re now able to resurrect a real Ann Arbor classic. Just like at Drake’s, we squeeze fresh limes, mix them with water and sugar, and garnish with some of the lime rind. Refreshing. Delicious. Amazing. Ann Arbor all the way!

Want to up the ante? The Roadhouse bartenders have been big on a glass of limeade with a shot of Rhum Barbancourt…

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