Fried Chicken Sandwich at the Roadhouse

A fried chicken sandwich with pickles, bacon, and cheddar cheese.

A classic already in the making

by Ari Weinzweig

Even in this challenging time, there are still positives that play out. I’ve started to build some rewarding relationships through my connection with the Independent Restaurant Coalition and all the good people who are part of it that are working so hard to help restaurants around the country get through this. At Mail Order, folks have made meaningful systems improvements. ZingTrain is learning about online training. We kicked off the new ZingShare collaboration. 

Another development that’s generating a lot of excitement—with staff and guests alike—is the new Fried Chicken sandwich that the Roadhouse has been offering over the last few weeks. In hindsight, I’m not sure what took us long to do it. What is it? The same super tasty, signature fried chicken from the Roadhouse. You’ve likely had it at some point. Amish raised chicken, soaked in buttermilk, rolled in flour that’s been seasoned with salt, a bit of red pepper and a whole lot of freshly ground Tellicherry black pepper, finally deep-fried until it gets that crunchy, spicy, savory, light brown crust. The fried chicken has been the biggest selling item on the Roadhouse menu for years now!

What’s on the fried chicken sandwich?

In this case, we take a hot-out-of-the-fryer, boneless chicken breast, put it on a lightly grilled Bakehouse challah bun that’s generously spread with a New-Mexico-Green-Chile-Ranch dressing. Add a little Vermont cheddar cheese, a couple strips of Nueske’s Wisconsin applewood smoked bacon, and, last, but not least, the ingredient that takes the sandwich over the top—a pile of sliced pickles from Don Hermann’s pickle farm in Ohio. The whole thing comes together into one holistically sound, wholly delicious, sandwich. The spice and crunch of the chicken; the cool but spicy tang of the Ranch; the calm mellowness of the cheese, and the sweet smoke of the bacon, all brought to their best by the contrast with the vinegary vivaciousness of the pickles! Is it good? Let’s just say that Tammie and I have shared one as part of our evening meal three times over the last week. 

How to enjoy your fried chicken sandwich!

You can eat the Fried Chicken sandwich in the car right after you pick it up. It’s great while it’s hot, but it’s also still super tasty at room temperature (there’s something special about leftover cold fried chicken!). The sandwich comes, of course, with fries (try the Tellicherry Black Pepper Fries). Order one. Or four. Be safe. Carry out! And carry on!

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