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Grits n’ Bits Waffles: All the Deliciousness in One Place

March 25th is National Waffle Day!

by Marcy Harris

Roadhouse Grits n' Bits Waffle.

If you are waffling over what to order for brunch at the Roadhouse, our waffles are always an excellent choice. Crispy golden brown on the outside, fluffy clouds of buttermilk goodness on the inside, these Belgian treats are a favorite!

We couldn’t help but take it to another level with our waffles, like we do with many things on our menu. So while you can enjoy a classic Belgian waffle any morning at the Roadhouse, we also have our amazing Grits n’ Bits Waffle. This recipe was created to capture a regional dish with history as deep as the squares on any Belgian waffle.

From the North to the South…and back again.

The story behind it is that the Dutch brought waffle irons to the U.S. with them, and as they moved down the coast from Manhattan to the South, they began to mix leftover local grits into their waffles to make a new breakfast. Folks in Georgia and South Carolina have been making these for centuries now.

The grits add an intense corn flavor, but also an incredible texture. We use Anson Mills’ antebellum coarse yellow grits, made from field ripened Carolina Gourdseed White or John Haulk Yellow dent mill corns, both of which were nearly extinct until rediscovered by Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills.

We all know grits, so what are the bits?

But why stop there when you have really good bacon, too? So we chop up our favorite, Nueske’s applewood-smoked, and add that into the mix. It’s a thick cut of bacon, so you get really nice flavorful pieces from it that don’t shrivel up into tiny bits.

Just when you think it’s darn near perfect, we throw in our favorite white cheddar from Cabot. It adds the perfect amount of nutty sharpness that really rounds it all out. Drizzle on our real maple syrup from Snow’s Sugarbush, and the result is really complex and delicious. Sweet, smoky, buttery, with melty cheese, it’s everything all at once that you would want to make your breakfast a memorable experience.

We’ve got them for breakfast and for brunch, and we can make them gluten-free with our rice waffles! Try them with poached eggs on top, or with our buttermilk fried chicken, just ask your server!

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