Meet the Growers of Westside Farmers’ market

Every Thursday from 3-7pm in the Roadhouse parking lot.

by Nicole Pelto

The Westside Farmers’ Market, located every Thursday in the Zingermans’ Roadhouse parking lot, has been connecting the Ann Arbor community with local farmers for 16 sweet years. Offering the crown jewels of Michigan’s growing season – watermelons, peppers, corn, tomatoes, peaches, peppers and more – the Westside Farmers’ Market’s farmers grow produce that compliments each other. 

“Growers are the backbone for our farmers market and we have a great lineup. The greatest thing about our farmers market is the relationship between our guests and the farms. All of our growers are personable people eager to talk to market goers,” Alexander Steward, market manager of the Westside Farmers Market, said. 

One of the advantages of buying local produce from the Westside Farmers Market is that you get to know the people who grow your food, and you gain a personal connection to the local food system.

Allow us to introduce you to the farmers of the Westside Farmers Market: 

  • Jeff Nemeth of Nemeth Greenhouse & Farms – Milan, Mich.
    Nemeth Greenhouse & Orchards is a fifth generation family farm that produces apples, peaches, berries, vegetables, container plants, donuts and cider in Milan. The farm is a fixture at the Westside Farmers Market, Jeff has been with the market since day one, when  it started sixteen years ago and brings a wide variety of incredible  fruits & veggies each week. You can’t go wrong with anything from Jeff! He has an amazing farm,” Alexander said.
  • Wade Pregitzer of Pregitzer Farm Market – Munith, Mich.
    Pregitzer Farm Market started as a roadside stand in 1996 and has since expanded into a full-fledged produce farm with farm education, entertainment programs, UPICK pumpkins in October and a robust CSA program. “Wade has been with us for many years and brings an infectious positive energy to everyone around. I jokingly call Wade the ‘Corn Whisperer’, because his sweet corn is so darn good! Everything he brings to market is fantastic!” Alexander said.
  • William Watson of William’s Garden – Taylor, Mich.
    William grows unique varieties of heirloom tomatoes, peppers, onions and leeks out of Taylor, Mich. “What’s great about William is that he brings produce to market that you normally don’t see at your typical farmers market. He grows things that he likes and shares his passion for them with our market goers..,” Alexander said.

The Westside Farmers’ Market was founded in 2005 by a group of volunteers within the Ann Arbor community who are passionate about putting great, local food into the hands of as many local residents as possible. After 16 years, the mission of that initial group of volunteers is still alive. 

The market is still committed to bringing fresh, local food to our community in the parking lot of Zingerman’s Roadhouse. Stop by the market and introduce yourself. Ask our farmers about their produce. Grab a drink in Roadhouse Park. Chat with your neighbors. Order dinner to-go for your family. Enjoy one of the Roadhouse’s farmer’s market specials. Taste something you’ve never had before. Learn something new!